Code of Conduct

In its mission to assert itself as the principal voice for Business Services, Innovation and Technology across emerging Europe, the Alliance is fully committed to promoting the highest standards of business practice, ethical behaviour and professional conduct within the region.

As a consequence, the Alliance Member Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) exists to guide participating members towards high standards of ethical behaviour across the region whilst differentiating the region as a global market leader in best practice.

The Code defines the minimum standards of professional and business behaviours expected from our member organisations. Additionally, the Code also sets out the clear intent for its members within the region to consistently work within an agreed framework, in order to improve and sustain both the capability and reputation of the region, attract qualitative investment and retain the best professionals to work within it. The Code applies to both the member organisations and their representatives that subscribe, contribute to and advise on business services, innovation and technology related services.

We expect all member organisations, and their individual representatives, to adhere to the Code. Where it becomes necessary to do so, the Alliance will review any cases of non-compliance. Where appropriate, the Alliance will highlight such issues and work with the organisation to identify actions to address the issues raised. If there is evidence of continued non-compliance the Alliance may revoke the membership of the offending member organisation.


The Code covers three key focus areas: behaviours; responsibility to an industry and responsibility to the broader region.


Focusing on your behaviours as an Alliance member, you commit to:

  • Behave in a responsible and accountable way at all times
  • Never use authority or position for personal financial gain
  • Never allow gifts or hospitality to be seen to influence business decisions
  • Actively work to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Understand the importance of protecting commercial confidence
  • Respect the spirit as well as the letter of laws and regulations in all areas of activity, in all countries within and outside of the region
  • Work to highlight and eliminate unethical business practices
Responsibility to an industry

Focusing on the industry that you operate in, as an Alliance member you commit to:

  • Never act in any way that may damage the reputation of the Alliance or your industry
  • Work to eradicate unethical business practices
  • Aspire to work to the highest ethical standards in every aspect of your activities
  • Actively encourage people to be treated fairly, equally, with courtesy and respect
  • Actively value diversity and challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • Minimise any negative impact on the physical environment and encourage a more
  • sustainable way of operating
  • Consistently promote the Alliance’s vision, mission and values

Responsibility to the broader region

The Code of Conduct is intended to be followed regardless of industry sector or country of origin and has been developed as a clear guideline for promoting trust within and across the region, and also with potential partners in other global markets.

Focusing on the broader region, as an Alliance member you commit to:

  • Set a joint aspiration to work as one team across the Alliance, creating mutual added-value, and not solely working in your own interests
  • have transparency as your default position (within organisational commercial and legal constraints)
  • the premise that all Alliance members have the right to derive reasonable value from membership of the Alliance, and to support the Alliance in order to help achieve this.
  • recognise the fundamental value of relationships with other members within the Alliance and clearly commit to managing them in a proactive and effective manner
  • Not wilfully acting in a way that will clearly and significantly injure another member’s interests
  • appreciating the needs of other members and to an extent to be mindful of them when considering your own actions
  • manage knowledge in a constructive and collaborative manner to the long-term benefit of the Alliance
  • Viewing the Alliance and its mission through a long-term lens


Business services, Innovation and Technology is a fast changing ecosystem and as such this Code will be regularly reviewed and, when necessary, revised with the agreement of the Alliance Steering Group.

In circumstances where this might occur, a revised Code of Conduct will be promoted to all members and posted on the Alliance website.