Member organisations can select up to three Chapters, or areas of specific interest, from the list below. The Alliance will add your contact details to the Chapter community database and keep you informed of activities and events relating to that Chapter. Alternatively, you can be more actively involved by registering your interest for the Working Party. A Working Party is an international sub-group that will collaborate to achieve a specific desired outcome as part of the Alliance’s Manifesto.

Research and Development

Europe 2020 has set a target of 3% of GDP for R&D spending but is currently plateauing at 2.03%, with northern and western Europe the main benefactors. This Chapter will look at how best to provide a stimulus to public and private sector investment in R&D across the region.

Skills, Talent, Inclusion and Diversity

There are Diversity Charters in 19 European countries, of which there are 6 from emerging Europe. This Chapter will actively encourage organisations to commit to inclusion and diversity, as well as tackle demographic challenges such as brain drain and ageing, plus create and implement programmes for attracting more talent to the region.

Foreign Investment

Foreign direct investment is an important catalyst for the economic changes in transition economies offering countries within the region external resources, technology, management, and access to foreign markets. This Chapter will look to create a roadmap for the Alliance to leverage in order to improve the propensity for increased capital flows into the region.